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Maximize liability protection


Avoid situations which can become expensive litigation later

Preparation of incorporation and formation certificates; drafting of operating, shareholder and partnership agreements; sales and purchases of businesses.

Getting your business organized and staying organized are not "one size fits all" propositions. We go beyond checking a few boxes to match the appropriate form of entity, considering not only what you need today but what you might need in the future. Through our years of experience, we recognize the potential "bumps in the road" and can anticipate problems to avoid them.


Purchasing or selling a business? We help develop the terms of the transaction, make sure the details are clear and understood by all parties, assist in the due diligence process, resolve issues and get the deal closed.


Dispute resolution; Lawsuits; Legal defense; Appeals; Administrative hearings; Arbitration

Litigation and administrative hearings can be expensive and time-consuming. We manage the process to control costs by working with the client from the outset to create and establish reasonable expectations. 


As an experienced trial and appellate litigator, case facts and issues are analyzed and considered to provide a comprehensive review of the merits of your case and the likelihood of success. Working with you, acceptable outcomes and goals are identified along with a plan to meet those goals.

Solid and thorough preparation provide the foundation not just for a trial, if necessary, but the understanding and insight which often lead to settlements and negotiated resolutions before trial.


Investment and commercial property sales, purchases and financing


Leasing/landlord-tenant -- commercial and residential


Real estate development, zoning variances, site plans and governmental approvals

Residential real estate purchases and sales

Each engagement gets the personal attention it requires.

Investment/Commercial Transactions -- we provide the comprehensive representation required for contract drafting and negotiation, thorough due diligence and issue resolution, review and satisfaction of lender financing requirements and closing.

The foundation of all landlord-tenant relationships, residential or commercial, is a comprehensive, well-structured lease. We work with you to negotiate your best possible lease. But if the landlord-tenant relationship breaks down, we will be by your side in court, with the experience from decades of landlord-tenant litigation.

Development Applications; Variances; Site Plans & Subdivisions -- We treat these applications just like a trial; whether you're enlarging a deck or developing a large commercial or residential project. We stress close cooperation with all the project professionals and focus on the details of the application and its presentation to the Board. If the application results in litigation, we won't hesitate to defend the approval or challenge the denial in court.

First time residential buyer or seller? We'll take the time to explain every aspect of the process and guide you through the issues to be resolved from the attorney review to the inspection process and on to the mortgage and title closing.



Will Drafting


Powers of Attorney


Advanced Medical Directives

Will Contests & Probate Disputes

We guide you through the process of determining how to distribute your estate and draft the wills and other documents necessary to affect that plan, along with the Powers of Attorney and other documents necessary to manage your affairs, even if you require someone's assistance.

Probate can be complicated. When you need to probate a will or administer an estate, we calmly and patiently assist you in what can be a daunting task at a difficult time. From filing with the Surrogate through final distribution of property, we guide you through the settlement process, deal with any complications and make sure the entire process is properly documented.

When disputes arise during a probate or administration, you need the experienced counsel we provide, whether you are challenging or defending a will's terms. And if the dispute cannot be resolved amicably, we're ready to go to court with you and to enforce the will or present the challenge coherently and convincingly.

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